Customer Service

Password Issues

I have forgotten my username and password
click here to have your username and password emailed to you.

I have been blocked from the site
There are multiple reasons as to why someone gets blocked.

- Most times is usually an issue of mistyped passwords, so you can open a new browser and try again or restart your computer, open a new browser and try.

- Different IP address - AOL or dial users who are given different IP addresses by their ISP triggers a block because the server thinks different people are using a single password. For this site, the threshold is set at 5 but if you get recurring problems I will send you a password. Just Email me

- Downloading over the 4.7 gig daily limit - Users who download over 4.7 gigs of content a day (an equivalent to over 40 hours of video) will be blocked for 24 hrs. It's ok to download and enjoy the content but at a reasonable pace and it helps the performance speed of the site when not too many people are downloading too much unncecessarely

- Compromised Password - Due to the popularity of the site, there are hackers who send out hack attempts on passwords (this only applies to passwords and not billing information since that is stored at the processors servers) compromising some usernames. If the server detects an attack it will block a username and if that is the case Email me  and I will set you up with a new more secure username and password within hours.

I just signed up and have not received my username and password.
It should have been displayed after you purchased a subscription. It will be emailed to the email you provided when joining to you as well (if you are using a free web based email try checking the trash/junk folder as sometimes they can get routed there). If that doesn't work just contact us and we will help you locate your username/password.

Other Issues

I can not see the videos and/or live feeds..what do i do?
Please download the latest version of internet explorer. You can get it

Will you mail anything to my house?
No..absolutely not.

When I click on the videos on the site nothing happens, all I get is the same page. What should I do?
Could be your popup blocker. Please make sure your popup blocker is turned off.

I'm getting weird colors when I view videos. What's the deal?
Your display adapter may only be capable of rendering 256 colors, or, more likely, your display's control panel is set to 256 colors. If that is the case, set your display's control panel to thousands/millions of colors or high color/16 bit. Select "Display" or right-click on the desktop and choose "Properties" to correct the problem. You'll need to quit and relaunch your browser to reset the colors. If your video hardware is not capable of displaying more than 256 colors at your chosen resolution, the video will still work, but it may be oddly colored and/or look slightly fragmented.

Sometimes I get error messages, or my the video just won't play, what should I do then?
Clear your browser's cache and restart your browser.
IE 6.0:
Go to Tools menu
Select Internet Options
Click the General tab
Go to Temporary Internet Files - Delete files - Click OK
Go to History - Clear History - Click Yes
To close window, click OK
Close Browser then re-open it

Where are your terms and conditions?
Here are our
terms and conditions.

I'm still lost, what do i do?
Email me


What company name will I be billed by?
Your credit card will be discreetly billed by "CCBill", "",  or "2000Charge".

How do I cancel?
For cancellations you can also go to the processor you signed up with and cancel from there. You can cancel on the biller's site at, or If you are with ccbill you can call them 24 hours a day at 888-906-0666 and cancel by phone as well.