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Name: Amber Age: 29

Location: Orange County, C

The Story: Amber is a recently divorced girl who I met on the internet. She was married to her high school boyfriend and she never really experienced a "wild life". So one night I found her on one of the chat rooms I always go to and started talking to her.

She told me she wanted to see what she had been missing and that she had very few limitations if at all if she was comfortable. So I drove to her place the day after and fucked the shit out of her. Then I told her more about my "hobby" and she was excited not only to be on my site but at the whole idea of being a porn girl. So I brought her to my place and took this video of her.

We first went to the local airport to have some risqué sex and there we almost got caught by the cops while she was sucking my cock. Then I took her back home and started fucking her wet pussy there. "Treat me like you slut", she would say while I pounded her wet pink pussy.

Then after fucking her for a while I couldn't help it anymore and unloaded my big load all over her face. She loved all the cum and asked me to fuck her again after that.



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