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Name: Angel Dark  Age: 20

The Story:  The first time I saw Angel Dark, I thought she looked like a Goddess.  She is very beautiful and she has this amazing body, her tits are all natural and in years of shooting models, I don't think I have met someone built like her. In addition, she has an ass to worship.

I met Angel back in February but we didn't get together because at that time she had a boyfriend and could only models for girl/girl pictures, etc. She knew I really wanted her and throughout all this time we kept in touch by email. And this time I went to Prague, she was all single and in need of attention :-)

Now, the problem I had when I met Angel is that I had a terrible headache that day. I had been out partying with one of the girls and got a bit sick that day. I postponed our meeting until late afternoon but I still had a headache. But I didn't want to pass on the opportunity to be with Angel so I asked her to come anyway.

We had some drinks first (I thought maybe alcohol would make me feel a bit numb) and we started taking a lot of pictures. I didn't want to fuck Angel, I wanted to make love to this woman. I can't find the words to describe the feeling of having this beautiful woman in front of you. After getting all naked, we made out a bit and then I started going down on her. And then I started to fuck her.. my head was hurting at that point, seemed like when I got hard my head would start to throb so I couldn't fuck her the way I really wanted to do her. So basically, I was on the lame side unfortunately and didn't feel like I really fucked her good. In the end I managed to cum inside her hot pussy but I couldn't go again. And it irritated me a bit for days that I couldn't have fucked her more.. but hopefully, she will be single next time we see each other.

We went out for dinner afterwards and joined other friends and it was all good. My headache started fading towards the end of the night but Angel had to go pick up her mom and couldn't come back. Next time I see this girl, I will make up for it.. I am going to save up for weeks for her.



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