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Name: Aubrey Adams
Age: 19
From: New Jersey

The Story: Aubrey is a girl I met at a TGI rest where I always go to after the shoots that I do for WCGB. It's about the only decent place where people who shoot at night can go out and get a good meal. Anyway, she was there dining with a guy that I know who is in the video business as an "actor". And I started talking to her to get to know her, I thought for a sec she was someone else. She told me she was in LA for few weeks and that she was from New Jersey. She had done a few videos and she really enjoyed the attention and the sex whenever the chemistry was right. And since we had good chemistry going, I told her to call me when she had some time. I wasn't sure if she was my friend's actual date or a friend and didn't want to disrespect the man.

So about 3-4 days later we talked more over the phone and I told her I really wanted her to be on my website. She told me she would be up for it and that she would gladly let me cum inside her tight pussy too, so I went to pick her up the next day to hang out and go to the beach and after that we came back to my place. I couldn't do much at the beach but I was grabbing her ass and rubbing her clit whenever I could and by the time we got back, she was wet and ready to fuck.

Aubrey started by giving an slow blow job looking up at me while she down my cock down her mouth. And she got me so hard and excited I almost came in her mouth after getting head from her for like 15 minutes. And after that I did my job and made sure to fuck her really good before nutting inside her nice tight pink pussy. My cock just fit her so well and she was so juiced up, I just had to keep on fucking her after the camera was out to nut in her yet again.

I was hoping to see her again few days after that, but then as usual I got all caught up with the traveling and stuff, but hopefully I'll find sometime when I get back from my next trip so I hang out with her again. I am just horrible at following up with girls, just like when I was in sales, I closed tons of deals but hardly followed up afterwards.


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