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Name: Britney Age: 18

Location: Las Vegas, visiting from Florida

The Story: I met this cutie in Las Vegas just last week at the Adult Convention there. I saw her walking around the convention floor and I just started talking to her. Turns out she was in Las Vegas for vacation with her parents but she had gotten bored and decided to go to the convention to check it out. I wasn't sure if she would be willing to be in pictures for me but after a few hours and a lot of talking, she decided to do it.

Britney might looks very innocent and her southern accent makes her even more sweet. However, looks can be very deceiving and Britney is an example of that.. this girl loves sex and has really wild fantasies. In fact she asked me to do things I can't even post and I simply loved doing this girl.

After meeting her on the first day of the convention, we set a date for the following night to go out and eat (I even met her parents), then I took her back to my hotel room and fucked her for about 6 hours. She has this nice, tight, juicy pussy than would make any man cum in minutes. But I held my cumshot for a while until I couldn't wait anymore and loaded her with cum. Then I just kept of fucking her and cumming inside her until my balls were drained.

She doesn't like to use birth control and she gets off thinking of getting knocked up. However, she only does creampies using the rhythm method so I hope we were on the right time of the month... but then again, I wouldn't mind this cutie having my baby.



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