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Name: Cassie Young
Age: 21
From: Las Vegas

The Story: I first met Cassie about three years ago in Las Vegas and I ended up shooting her for the site back then. I remember she had the tightest pink pussy ever plus she was just really cute. I stayed in touch with her and then she met some boyfriend, so I didn't get to see her for a while. She did however do some adult stuff for Playboy, so you might recognize her if you watch their shows.

Anyway, this last time I was in Las Vegas I looked her up and she was free to do whatever she wanted. So we hung out a bit out there and I fucked her too and I asked her to call me up if she was going to be in Southern California. So few weeks ago, Cassie came by and we did this video.

Cassie is a fun girl and she is happy pretty much all the time and she was as fun to creampie as it was to hang out with her, she is a cool chick. Anyway, she spent the night at my place and this video was taken the day after. I took the now mandatory pretty girl pictures first and once I was done, I started to fuck her. I first fucked her a little while taking pictures and then I started to eat her beautiful pink pussy. She enjoys her pussy licked and get fingered at the same time so I was doing that for a while. Then, I got her down on her knees and she started to suck my cock with one big happy smile. She teased my cock first with her tongue and then started to tongue it up and down the shaft until she put the whole thing in her mouth. And she would byte the head of my cock gently to get reactions out of me.

Then I just couldn't wait anymore and started to fuck her very tight pussy. And it felt so good to have all of my cock being wrapped around with her wet pussy. I fucked her for maybe an hour or so and then I ended shooting my cum deep inside her.

The next day she went back to Vegas and I am hoping to see her next time I'm out that way. I wish this girl lived closer..  


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