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Name: Charlotte Age: 18

The Story: Charlotte is a beautiful girl who came to visit from Utah. She always wanted to do something like this so she contacted me for an audition couple of months ago. I ended up chatting with her a lot and she was fun to talk to, she is actually a pretty interesting young woman.

So when she finally made it out to California I was happy to finally meet her in person. She wanted to go to the beach first to lay out in the sun and what not but I wanted to do her right away, just they way she was. She has a very nice natural look and that turns me on, specially when you consider that I am in LA where so many girls are enhanced in some way or another.

So after couple of days in town and we got around to doing this video at my place. Charlotte, despite her age, gave me one of the best blow jobs ever. This girls loves to suck cock and she is awesome at it. She would suck my cock slowly while looking at me and that alone got me off a lot. After a long blow job session I ate her out and then I started to fuck her very tight and wet pussy. I could feel her inside with my cock and I could feel how she enjoyed every stroke into her. I fucked her for her for a good while and I wanted to  cum early but I held it for as long as I could before cumming. I can almost still feel cumming inside her.. she had to leave the next day for some issue back home so I didn't get to fuck her as much as I wanted to. But maybe next time she is around or if I make it to Utah I will fuck her over there.. although I don't think I'm supposed to be videotaping anything in that state, which despite having a history of men having multiple wives is ultra strict when it comes to naked women.. go figure.


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