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Name: Claudia
Age: 22
From: Europe

The Story: Claudia is a very sexy girl I met in Prague less than a month ago. I met her thru one of my friends over there and I hit it off well with her. She is an University student there and studies the same major I graduated from, so it was more interesting for me just because of that. She is very open minded (obviously) and she recently became single so she is just having fun with all of this.

After first meeting her and going out with her, I almost fucked her. But it was not until almost a week later that I actually did her as I got sick with a nasty strep throat while I was over there. She came over to the place where I was staying and she stayed with me a few nights, and I shot this video the second night she was at my place. I fucked her so much, I can't even recall how many time I did her and I pumped her with as much cum as my balls could produce.

On this video, I figure I changed things a bit and do an anal video for variety. I usually fuck a lot of girls in the butt off camera but the last time I did it on video for the site must have been over a year ago. Plus it is more visually stimulating having the lights on and seeing my cock going in and out her very tight ass. Claudia had not done it (anal) for a long time so she was a bit hesitant at first, but  I sweet talked her into having my cock up there.

I fucked Claudia a lot for the video and I pounded her ass good once she got used to my cock being inside her ass. And on the video I fuck her for quite some time until I shoot my juicy load inside her pink asshole.. we then took a shower and I kept on fucking her ass in the shower until she made me cum again.. just writing about this makes my dick hard again.


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