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Name: Kuni  Age: 19 

Location: Europe

The Story: Connie is another girlfriend of Victoria who I got together with. She had been wanting to be on the site after seeing Victoria's video but was too nervous about it. But after hanging out together with Victoria for couple of nights, we got together to do this video. I actually almost fucked her and Victoria at the same time couple of nights before this shoot at the club we went to (they are girlfriends as in fuck girlfriends) after they started making out in the club. But unfortunately, there were other friends with us so we couldn't get away.

I was planning to do Victoria and her at the same time on the shoot but Victoria had to go do some job interview so I ended up with Connie by myself. She was very nervous in the beginning but once her clothes came off she became a nympho.. She was getting all wet while I was taking her pictures but at the same time she felt very self conscious.. girly stuff I guess.

After taking a few pics, I started to eat her out to relax her a bit and that go her ultra horny. One of her favorite things is to suck cock so after tasting her pussy, she got on her knees and sucked my cock like there was no tomorrow.. she sucked hard and passionately and she almost made me cum with her mouth, I had not seen someone so enthusiastic about sucking cock for quite some time.

After the cock sucking, I bent her over the chair and I started to fuck her beautiful pink pussy. She had a unique shave which kinda took away from the beauty of her pussy IMO but if you look close, this girl has a perfectly shaped beautiful pussy. Anyway, I fucked her hard and good and made her cum several times. She screamed and moaned hard while I fucked her and I am pretty sure people in the other room were listening in. And after doing her for a good hour and a half, I ended up cumming inside her beautiful pussy.

I fucking just love these European girls..



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