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Name: Courtney  Age: 23

The Story: I met Courtney in Tampa, FL few months ago when I was there on vacation. I was visiting a nudist resort where there are a lot  of swingers and was there hanging out with some friends who were regulars there. And Courtney worked at the bar there. She actually was not really a swinger but enjoyed working there because everybody and everything was so laid back, after all, how uptight can people be when they are naked on the beach zipping Margaritas.

I stayed in the resort for few days and I eventually hooked up with her on my last day. I loved fucking this girl and I made sure we kept in touch. Since then, Courtney has thought about trying out the website/video thing for a short while to see how it goes before starting her own professional career so she came to LA to stay with me for few days and do some modeling stuff. I am not sure how far she wants to go with it but the plan is to get her site started in few months.

Anyway, after fucking around for couple of days, we finally got around to shooting this video. Courtney is a beautiful girl with a nice hot body but she was not all that happy that day because she had something bothering her eye but I told her she would be fine and that she would cum out just fine. So early that morning, we did this shoot.

I have to say she is one of my favorite girls . Not only because she is hot but because she is on the kinky side and I love girls like that. She loves it when she is getting fucked in the pussy and I put my finger in her ass or vice versa.  Plus she loves to suck cock, in the end I ended up cummin deep in her and then again all over her.



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