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Name: Csilla  Age:20

Location: California

The Story: Csilla (a name I have a hard time pronouncing) is a beautiful girl visiting from California from Hungary. She is in LA visiting with her sister and I met her thru another Hungarian friend who is involved in performing for adult videos. Csilla herself is not really an adult model but since her friend was involved in it and I got along extremely well with her, she decided to do this video with me. She has the most beautiful body I have seen in a while and she reminds me of why I need to go to Europe more often. And don't get me wrong, I love girls from all over the world but after all that I have seen, I have to say that generally speaking, I enjoy myself the most with European girls. So you can expect me to be in Europe in the very near future indulging myself with beautiful Eurobabes :)

Anyway, Csilla was very excited about doing this. She never did any modeling in Europe and she thought since she is here visiting nobody would find out back home. She came to my place and she took her time showering and making herself beautiful, something ALL women  should do for for their men. And after she got ready we started to take a few pictures and we started to fuck around without the camera.. and after we recouped she did her make up again and I started the video. I fucked her hot and very tight pussy doggie style first and I took her into my bedroom where I kept on fucking her in different positions. Csilla is very sensual and the Hungarian she was moaning was turning me on even more. She kept on making me wanting to cum but I held in there strong so I could give her a big load inside her. And  after doing her for over an hour I came inside her wet pussy. 

After cumming in her, I got hard right away and started to fuck her again but she basically grabbed my camera and put it away so we fucked again without the cameras.


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