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Name: Daniella
Age: 23
From: Europe

The Story: This is a set of pictures and videos that I found recently in my archives while I was organizing them. And I can't believe I overlooked this update, but somehow I just missed it. I guess it's good when one doesn't even know which girl to add to the site because there is an abundance of content.

Anyway, I met Daniella couple of years ago when I was in Europe on one of my creampie trips. I remember on that particular vacation, I fucked so much Euro pussy my dick almost fell off. I met Daniella thru a female friend over there and she hooked me up with her so we could do this video. I remember she had a beautiful pink pussy that I ate for a very long time before I started to actually fuck her. She had done some videos before but she didn't really want to do too many as she was afraid it was going to get out and people were going to find out about her lifestyle.

And on this video I remember going down on her off camera for a while and then filming the video for almost an hour as I fucked Daniella's pretty pussy good before giving her lots of cum. After the video we went back to her place to hang out and she introduced me to a friend that eventually ended up being like a semi girlfriend to me when I was there but we ended up splitting because I didn't visit her enough. And I wish I had videos of her to post, but she never let me take any pics or videos.


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