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Name: Delilah Age: 21

Location: Los Angeles, visiting from Florida

The Story: Delilah is a friend of Britney who came to LA about the same time as Britney, she is 21 but is already an experienced swinger which is surprising for a girl her age. Britney told her about my site and she wanted to do it too for content exchange for a site she is planning to have. So I met her for lunch near my place.

I had seen only couple of nice pictures of her before meeting her but when I saw her in person I was like wow!  She is a tall girl with a great body, amazing ass and long legs. She was a bit reserved  at first but by the time we finished lunch I knew I had her. So I took her to the terrace on the top floor of the restaurant and took some pretty girl pictures there first. I was really tempted to fuck her right there and then but I think there were surveillance cameras around and did not want to get caught, so I took her back to my place.

I continued to take lots of pictures of her and then I started grabbing and worshipping her beautiful ass. Seeing how hard I was, she turned around and started sucking my cock with a lot of enthusiasm. I then got her over my couch and started pounding her from behind. I then continued in the bedroom and made her cum several times. Turns out her favorite position (which is kinda particular and is the first time I know of someone who likes that position in years) is exactly the same as mine, so we were both in heaven. And after fucking her for almost two hours I came hard and deep inside her nice wet pussy and after that I kept on fucking her and came all over her.

We ended up hitting if off really well and the plan is to go to LA couples next time she is in LA or to the Miami Velvet next time I am in Miami, so if you are a swinger, you might find us there on a good night.




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