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Name: Elise Age: 20

The Story: Elise is a girl from the Bay area I met right before going on my trip to S America. This girl is one of those that I just loved fucking. She is actually a quiet and somewhat shy person but man when those clothes come off she turns into a sex demon. She is the type of girl one would never expect to be so much into sex, she just doesn't come across that way but this girls loves to fuck and loves cum too.

Elise was down in LA for few days and I met up with her to interview her and see if she would be a good candidate for the site and I remember I just couldn't figure the girl out. She would tell me she enjoyed sex a lot and that she loves to suck cock and fuck for hours but at the same time I wasn't sure if she meant it. Out of all the girls I have ever been with on this site, I think she is the only one that I wasn't getting a complete reading on. So I just asked her to come with me to the bathroom at the coffeeshop where we were meeting to see what was the deal. And once we got in, she undressed herself to show me her tits (which I must say are very beautiful and reminiscent of Tracy Lords tits) and she got on her knees to "show me" how much she liked sucking cock. And after being in the restroom for a few minutes and almost blowing a load down her throat, I took her home.

Once home, I took a few pics of her and we started to fuck. She has an awesome body and hot tight pussy that had pussy lips that wrapped nicely around my dick. I fucked and fucked Elise for a long, log time. She had these unique expressions to her when she was getting very excited and that just turned me on even more. And after fucking around for a good while I dropped my first cumshot inside her hungry pussy and then I just kept on fucking her more and more until I came all over her. I am definitely fucking this girl again and as much as I can next time I see her.


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