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Name: Evelyn Lin
Age: 18
From: California

The Story: I think Evelyn is the first real Chinese girl I have ever had on the site. There was another Chinese girl but she was from HK, but Evelyn is from mainland China so that made it more interesting to me. With her, I think I have done almost all Asian nationalities except for North Korean. Anyway, Evelyn is an UCLA college student that answered my internet ad looking for girls who wanted to have fun on camera and she answered my ad inquiring about it. She normally is shy, and she actually just lost her virginity not even a year ago. But being in a sexually awakening environment made her curious and she wanted to try being a porn star.

So that day I went to pick her up at her parents house which is actually not all that far from where I am and took her out for a ride. I told her many guys were going to see her do this and that some of her friends might even find out, but she was ok with it and after a few days we got together again after school and I took her back to my place to creampie Evelyn. She looked so innocent in her pink dress and her shy personality made me want to cum a lot for her.

So once I took her back to my place. We took some pictures first and she wanted to know more about blow jobs, since she had not done it that much. So before I started rolling camera I had her practice sucking cock first for a good while. Once I felt like we had enough of that, I turned the camera on and started to roll video. Her pussy was really tight and I could feel her pussy wrap all of my cock, and in the first few minutes I came a little in her since she had been sucking my cock for too long. But then I kept on fucking her in room, living room, kitchen, etc. And I ended up blowing couple of loads for Evelyn.

The next day I sent her pictures that I took and she was all excited about it. She said she would do more adult modeling as long as it didn't get too publicized so she wanted me to find guys who would buy custom videos and what not and I was going to do it, but me being me, I ended up traveling and stuff and forgot to keep in touch. However, I should follow up with her this week to let her know her update is up. 


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