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Name: Goldie Cox  Age: 18

The Story: I met Goldie few weeks ago while I was visiting a friend at a strip club in the East side. Goldie had just started dancing and she was friends with the girl I was picking up so we went out that night and we got to know each other. Goldie is an outgoing girl and she basically loves to party and have a good time so I got her number and stayed in touch with her.

Goldie likes to fuck and is submissive, not too many girls her age know about their submissive side but Goldie knows what she likes and she enjoys being dominated. We actually had phone sex couple of times before meeting which is very unusual for me but I think the anticipation made it even better. I told her I wanted to creampie her and she didn't really know what a creampie was until I explained it to her. She said she never really had thought much about it but she told me I could cum in her or on her as much as I wanted to as she promised to please me in any way she could.

So here she is at my place just last week right before going to school. She came over couple of hours before her classes and I took these pictures and videos of her. The thought of her going to school after getting a good fuck turned me on and I specially enjoyed thinking she would have cum deep in her while at school being a good student (I don't know where I come out with this stuff).  Anyway, as soon as she walked in I started to fuck around with her and she got on her knees and started blowing me right away. She kept on saying she was a "good girl" wanting to make me happy so I did her really good. I did her in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom where I did my first cumshot inside her. Then I kept on fucking her filled pussy and came again all over.


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