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Name: Jamie Elle
Age: 21
From: Oregon

The Story: Jamie Elle is a girl from Oregon who came down to California to become a porn star. Actually, she already has done videos before but she wanted to get to the "next" level so she took couple of weeks off from her job in Oregon to be here and meet as many people as she could. And since I am now known as the creampie guy among some in the porn circle, she was referred to me as a cum recipient.

So we had a talk on the phone where I told her who I was and I sent her the address of the site so she could take a look at it. Jamie told me she has guys cum inside her all the time, so this would be something pretty common for her. And when she told me that, I didn't even bother to ask her if she was on birth control. Usually when a girl tells me that, it pretty much gives me the green light to cum in them as much as I can since everybody else is doing it. And is not like I am going to be held responsible since there are others have done it too.

Anyway, the next day after we talked on the phone and exchanged pictures she came to my place to get injected with sperm. Jamie is a smaller girl, which I really liked. And before we got to the pictures, I was already fondling her pussy and ass. I asked her to bend over a little so I could just stick my cock in her for a few seconds to set the mood and she complied. So I fucked her for couple of minutes pretty much about a minute after she walked into my place. Then once my cock had a taste of her, I started the with the pictures, etc. I then started fucking her little tight pussy on the couch and then on my bed, her pink pussy was so tight it wrapped tightly all around my cock and it was hard to hold my cum when stroking in and out of her pussy fast. So after a not so long fuck, I ended up cumming as I couldn't hold it anymore. She then spread her pussy for cum to come out and I used the opportunity to shove my cock in her some more.


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