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Name: Jenni  Age: 22

Location: Bruno, Czech Republic

The Story: Jenni was probably the girl I liked doing the most when I was in Europe. I met her at a club in Prague and although we couldn't really talk all that much because of language issues, we ended up hooking up anyways.

She was really excited about being on the site but above all she just loves sex. In fact, the minute she walked in she started grabbing my cock and before I could get my cameras she was already sucking my cock. She has an amazing body and a tasty pink pussy. I liked her pussy so much, I must have spent over half an hour tasting her.

After almost an hour of oral, I got her on the bed and shoved my cock inside that wet pussy. I pounded and pounded her and she came several times like that. Then she got on top and the same thing, she just loved getting fucked hard and I made sure I fucked her really good. After making her cum like 5 times, I came inside of her and then kept on fucking her. Then I after my second round I ended cumming again all over her. I liked fucking her so much and one thing for sure is that I will be going back to do her as much as I can next time I am in Europe.


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