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Name: Jerzi  Age:18

Location: Los Angeles

The Story: Jerzi is a girl from the midtwest whom I met on the internet. She emailed me from my free online group about getting together and we started chatting about it for few weeks. Chats led to phone conversations and I just decided to send her a plane ticket so she could come out and visit since I couldnít make it all the way out there. And boy was I glad she came to visit. 

Jerzi was just coming out of a long relationship and she wanted to explore different things, specially those things her ex used to give her shit about so that is how she basically ended up on my site. When I first went to pick her up at the airport, I didnít really know how this was going to turn out since this was the first time I had done something like this in years. But she was excited and anxious and we actually fucked a little in the parking lot.

Then we went home and we just fucked for like two days straight to get her used to my cock and  then I finally got the camera and shot this video. She was a bit nervous about being on camera since she didnít want to be too exposed but once we got going she forgot there was a camera. We fucked and fucked until the tape ran out and I came several times with her. I first came inside her pussy and then on her well fucked pussy again.

Jerzi stayed in LA for couple of more days after that and then she went home. I told her I would visit her city sometime this year so weíll see. I just hope no one she knows finds out she on my site.


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