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Name: Katie  Age: 18

The Story: Katie is a girl I met who had just arrived to LA from the Midwest. She had sent me email before coming to LA and she told me she wanted to move out here so when she finally made it out here she called me to go meet her at the club where she was trying out as a stripper. You could almost say that Katie was literally off the bus when  I met her and she was anxious to try this out. So without wasting much time I drove her to a nearby parking garage near her the club and I asked her to show off for me. Not only did she show me her nice tight body but she showed me how she sucked cock too, so we started to fool around  at the parking lot until one of the security guards came by to check what was going on. I think the security guy was one of "us" meaning a regular guy who enjoys hot girls so he was pretty discreet when he passed by and he didn't hassle me or scare the girl off with questions.

After that, I took her straight home to fuck her. I was fingering her wet pussy while on the way and she talked about how she had been waiting for my cum to be inside her. I'm not sure if she was teasing me with that since she already knew about me and cumming inside girls or she really meant it. I didn't care much as I was concentrated on that pussy and when we finally got to my place, I took the usual few "modeling" pictures and I started to fuck her. She felt so nice and tight and the whole idea coming all the way from the Midwest to have my cock inside her made it more exciting for me. So I fucked her for a good while until I couldn't hold it anymore and came inside that beautiful pink Midwestern pussy.

She spent the night at my place where I fucked her a few more times and I drove her back to her hotel the next day. I left soon after I did this video so I hope she is doing well in her LA adventure. I actually got to write her and see how she is doing.


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