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Name: Kelly

Age: 20

From: Illinois

The Story:  Kelly is an enthusiastic girl I met online few weeks ago. She emailed me after seeing my website and she basically wants to be a "porn star". I told her more or less what I was all about and told her that if she came to LA, I could probably point her to the right direction for porn stardom..

So after exchanging emails for couple of weeks, she flew out here to do this audition for the site. It was supposed to be a 10 minute audition or whatever but it turned out being more like 2 hours of her gettingit every where, including her ass which I managed to fuck just a little bit.

We first took some pretty girl pictures when she got to my place. And then I told her she had to show me how she sucked cock.. she sucked slowly but she had some really tongue action that felt really good. I don't remember how long she sucked my cock but I think she was down there for like 20 minutes. I then started to fuck her pussy, which felt very tight and nice and after doing her there for a while, her asshole started looking pretty tempting so I asked. She told me she enjoyed anal but that she was very tight and that it was not that easy to get it in. So I tried with my fingers first and then my cock.. I tried fucking her ass for like 10 minutes and managed to do her  bit before giving up as she was feeling ass pains.

Anyway, I then took her to my room and finished fucking her there. I pumped her for a good while  and then cam all over.. it was rather a pretty nasty facial I should say, too bad my cock was too thick for her ass, I would have liked to fuck her there.



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