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Name: Krystal Age: 24

Location: Europe

The Story: Krystal is a hot European girl I met in the summer. She has done adult modeling before and she wanted to to talk to me about doing a website for her when I was there. And when we met in person, we hit it off and fucked almost right away.

Here she is the day after we met at my hotel room. She told me that day that I could do whatever I wanted with her so I ended up fucking her for a very long time in her pussy and in her ass. I first got her on her knees so she could suck my cock and I just loved how she would look at me with her beautiful eyes and swallow all of it.

Then I started to fuck her really good in all kinds of position and I fucked her very tight ass too. She told me it was hurting her but still she wanted me to shove my cock all the way inside her ass so she could feel all of it. I was very tempted to cum inside her ass but I switched to her tight pussy and came deep inside her.

She was so turned on by the all the cum inside her she had me fuck her more and more. In fact, we were supposed to meet up in Acapulco but plans felt thru unfortunately. Otherwise you would see me fucking her on some beach in Mexico.




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