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Name: Lexi Bardot
Age: 23
From: California

The Story: Lexi is a fetish model I first saw on the net a while back ago. I remember her tattoos made her look a bit different and I wanted to fuck her the first time I saw her. And then couple of months ago, out of the blue, an email came from her to introduce herself as an adult model and that she wanted to be on the site. So I went to meet her the very next day to talk her. She told me she was from Fl and that she had just moved to LA and was having a great time. She enjoyed California a lot and she was looking for ways to expand her modeling portfolio and have some fun at the same time. So I told her we could start working on her portfolio right away and took her to a local park and started taking some pictures of her.

After taking a few pictures outdoors, I started to feel her up and mess around with her, and within couple of hours of meeting her my cock was already in her mouth and on his way to filling Lexi up with a fertile load. I took her back to my place, where I continued the picture taking and after a few more pics, I started to fuck her. Lexi is a tall girl with a nice round ass and I was enjoying looking at my cock going in and out of her pussy bareback. I grabbed her meaty ass and I pounded her for a while on my couch. We then worked our way to my room where I continued fucking her juicy pussy until I blew my cum inside her. Lexi had not had a creampie in couple of years and I felt like I was almost fucking a virgin because of that. After cumming in her, I took maybe like 3-4 minute rest and I started to fuck her creampie pussy again.

After fucking her good for a while and couple of cumshots, I took her back to her place  and then I went to travel somewhere. And just recently she called me again to ask me when the video was going to be up and when we could do more creampies again :)


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