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Name: Linda
Age: 19
From: Austin, Texas

The Story: In case you are wondering why there is an effort to hide Linda's identity on the main picture, it is because she is a college girl in Austin who doesn't want her boyfriend to find out about her little adventures. Linda is a girl I met couple of months ago online while I was in Texas traveling. Actually, I put up a post on a site to look for girls to hang out and she answered my ad but I ended up leaving that day without meeting her. However, we talked a lot on the phone and emailed each other and within couple of weeks I was out there again exclusively to fuck her and creampie her horny pussy.

She is actually a bit on the quiet side and in a way it's hard to believe she was willing to do this on camera at all. But she told me that as long as her pictures and videos remained in the member's area only, that it was all good. She told me she enjoys the thought that she will end up the object to many guy's fantasies while being a "good girl" in her regular life. I guess she is a classic closet slut case and I hope her boyfriend doesn't find out because she gets around. Also, one thing we didn't really get to do but that she really enjoy was sucking cock. But because she had just gotten her wisdom teeth pulled out she could barely open her mouth to fit my cock, and she has a small mouth to begin with. So if you see a bit of pain in her pics sucking my cock it is because of that.

Anyway, as soon as I arrived in Austin I went to pick her at her dorm to take her to my hotel where I was staying. And before I could get back to the hotel, I couldn't help but to fuck her so I pulled into a parking lot along the way and fucked her there for few minutes first. I then took some pics and did the video once we got back to my place, where she ended up spending the night and getting several cumshots inside her very tight pussy.


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