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Name: Loretta
Age: 20
From: East Coast

The Story:

Loretta is a cute girl I met few weeks ago when she was visiting California. I had seen her profile online for few months ago but since I don't really go much to her area, I never contacted her. But then one day out of the curiosity (to see if by any chance she would make it to California) I sent her an email and started talking to her.

She told me she wanted to come to California for a vacation and to maybe try more than just bikini modeling, so she eventually did come out and we  hooked up. Loretta is a very down to earth type of girl and we talked about other things other than sex when I first met her, making me wonder how sexual she was. And she definitely managed to surprise me.

I first took her to my place to take pictures and we ended up getting together after a few minutes. I first undressed her and felt her up a bit and she was already wet. She has a beautiful natural body and really nice soft tits, so I took my time in appreciating  what I had in front of me. I sucked on her soft tits and ate her out for a while. Once she was worked up, I put my cock in her and I could feel how much she enjoyed me being inside of her. Her eyes became a bit teary and I had not seen that in quite some time, so I really took my time and enjoyed fucking her for a long time, until I couldn't hold it anymore and came for her.

Loretta is one of those girls I really enjoy and we got together again after this time. She went back home but hopefully if she cums back to California, I will do her again. This girl is a doll.


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