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Name: Malorie Marx Age:19

Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Story: Malorie is a girl I met at a model convention in the summer. We had been in touch by email and by phone but never had the chance to sit down and talk to her until this time.

She is a beautiful girl who has one of the most amazing asses around. If I gave awards for asses, she would definitely get one. She came over one day to my place to see what I did and she decided to pose for me nude. But then one thing let to another and next thing you know, we are fucking.

We I started by going down on her nice wet pussy and then I just started fucking her really good. She got really, really wet (you can see and hear her juices on the stills and the videos) and I made sure I made this girl cum so she would cum back to me soon.

In the end I fuck her until I cum inside her pussy and then keep on fucking her some more to then cum all over her pretty face. I gave this girl a monter cumshot.


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