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Name: Molly Mason
Age: 20
From: North Carolina

The Story: Molly is a girl I LOVED fucking. As you know by now, some girls I really like fucking and then there are the exceptional ones that I love doing and Molly is one of them. She is girl from North Carolina visiting LA couple of months ago and I had originally gotten in touch with her to ask her to pose for my girl climaxing site. And once I met her, I started to tell her about this other site. Molly was hesitant about it, and not so much because she was against having sex on camera but because she is actually a shy girl. Which made it all more exciting to me.

That particular day I had a friend visiting and I asked him to hold camera for me. I normally would have done everything myself but I wanted to dedicate myself 100% to Molly, so we did it this way. And in the beginning Molly was very giggly because she was very nervous but once I started to touch her and to kiss her, she started to really enjoy herself. I ate her out a lot and I could taste her juices flowing as she got more excited. I then started to fuck her and we just fucked and fucked for long time. I was actually kinda feeling bad about my buddy who was doing me a favor by holding camera so after almost an hour or so of doing Molly, I came deep inside her.  

I could have fucked her a lot longer but I didn't just want to ask my friend to leave. So basically I dropped her off after the video and at night I went to pick her up at her hotel and fucked her in private all night. And a few days afterwards we made more videos too, so you will be seeing more of her. I wish this girl lived closer, I would creampie her every single day.


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