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Name: Nadia Age: 18

The Story: I met Nadia in Las Vegas during the convention in Las Vegas and I ended up fucking her over there, I fucked her couple times while I was there but didnít get a chance to film her until she got back home to LA. I really like Nadiaís body and look plus she has a very beautiful pink wet pussy.

Nadia is starting college and her school is actually a few miles where I live, so maybe she can cum over before school to get some cum. Nadia is horny all the time, in fact she is a borderline nymphomaniac. She might be 18 yo but she is experienced and she knows how she likes to get fucked. I shot this video couple of days after coming back from Las Vegas. She told me she would come to my place looking very slutty because she needed a good fuck, but I wasnít expecting her to be wearing close to nothing when she showed up. She was dressed with just a top, a tiny skirt (I donít think I can even call it a mini skirt) and a hot little g-string. I fucked her a little from behind when she came in to greet her and then I took some modeling pictures of her. 

My cock was hard looking at her pose and after a few pictures, I started to fuck her again. Her tight pink pussy was wet and hungry for cum and I fucked her for over an hour straight. ďI am such slutĒ she would say while I fucked her wet pussy from behind and had my finger up her ass and I would slap her ass hard for being such slut. And after a long session of fucking, I came inside her wet pussy and I came a lot. She told me she usually didnít let guys cum in her but that she really enjoyed the feeling of cum oozing out her cunt. I got turned on looking at her filled up that I went for it again and came once again.


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