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Name: Neeah  Age:18

Location: California

The Story: Neeah is a native Californian who now lives in Las Vegas. I met her thru one of my personals/recruiting ads I have on the internet and she wanted to cum out to LA to try out for the website. I think of greatest benefits I have as a person who runs adult sites is that I get to audition and try girls out :) in Neeah's case she wanted to see if she could make it into porn stardom.

I arranged our meeting right after I came back from my overseas trip so I was pretty jet lagged when we met. However, that beautiful pink pussy of hers woke me up. I had not gotten laid like in 3 weeks because of the trip so fucking her tight wet pussy was like loosing my virginity all over again (which I might add it was exactly 19 years ago this month). In a way the best thing about going without sex for a while is that when you finally get laid it feels really good.

Anyway, after meeting Neeah at the bookstore by my house we went back to my place for the "audition". I interviewed her a bit and then undressed her to see her body. She was a bit camera conscious in the beginning but once my cock was in her it got a bit better. Although she would go back and forth between enjoying herself and being camera conscious. I suppose it would have been better to just turn the camera off and just fuck but that wouldn't be an audition. After fucking her for a while I ended up giving her a big load in her pussy. I wanted to keep on fucking her for a longer time but jet lag was starting to set in again after I came couple of times



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