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Name: Nikki Saint Age: 21

The Story: I met Nikki on my vacation in Europe. I met her thru one of the girls in Prague and she came by to take some pictures. She is a beautiful girls with a great body and the minute I saw her I fantasized about how she would be in bed and what it would feel to cum inside of her.

We had a few drinks in the downtown area and after getting comfortable, we came back to my place. She was sucking my cock in the subway (underground/metro) on our way back and if there were fewer people, I would have fucked her right then and there.

Once at my place, I took some modeling pictures at first and then we started making out. Her pussy was wet and tight, so tight my finger could feel it. She then started to suck my cock again, looking up with those pretty eyes. I then turned her around and started to fuck her wet pussy. After just a few strokes I almost came inside her but I held it for a while and kept on fucking her until for a long time. "cum inside me please" she would say while I pumped her pink pussy and after a while I did as she requested and came deep in her so she could feel my cum inside her.

We then turned off the lights and we kept on fucking for the rest of the night and then again in the morning before she went to school. I forgot to ask her but I bet she was dripping cum on her way to school.. I can image her pussy dripping cum in the classroom, too bad that would not be able to be captured on video.



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