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Name: Patricia  Age: 21

The Story: Patricia is a beautiful Czech girl I met last month in Europe. I met her thru a friend and although her English was not that good, it was good enough to get across my point of me wanting to fuck her really bad and most importantly cum deep inside her fertile pussy.

We went out the night before the shoot at the center of Prague, which I must say is very nice and interesting as well. And that night I almost fucked Patricia when I was dropping her off but finger fucking was as far as I went. but the next day she showed up at my place and we picked up where we left off.

I took some pretty girl pictures of her first and after snapping a few of those, I started to play with her pussy again and then she started to suck my cock. It was so beautiful to see this girl with my cock in her mouth, I mean look her pretty face and her pretty eyes.. what man wouldn't want that. Anyway, I turned her around and got to my favorite position (which is doggie) and started to fuck her wet pink pussy. She felt very wet and I am sure I was pre-cumming in her. And for some reason I started to think about impregnation more than usual with Patricia and after fucking for a while I came faster than I usually do inside her pink pussy. I then got some air and kept up fucking her to make sure she got her pussy re-loaded with cum.

I saw Patricia another time before I left but didn't get a chance to tape it.


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