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Name: Sandy Styles Age: 23

Location: Prague, Czech Rep

The Story: Sandy Styles is a beautiful blonde from Prague. She is actually mostly Scandinavian but she lives there now. She had just come back from her vacation in Italy and she wanted to fuck when I met her. She is a really horny woman and I think she could fuck 3-4 times a day no problem. Could you imagine a girl like her craving cock all day long??

Anyway, she came over for dinner that night and I took her out  (actually she took me out since I can't speak any Czech) to the movies and stuff. Then I brought her back and we made this video.

I love beautiful women and I think she is one of the most beautiful girls I have done so it was a great pleasure to undress her and then have her suck my cock while looking at me. After having her suck my cock I went down on her pretty pink pussy and then I started to fuck her. I did her for a long time and I ended cumming 3 times that night with her. Then on my last day in Europe we hooked up again but I didn't video that one..



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