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Name: Sarah  Age: 24

The Story: Sarah is actually a friend's girlfriend who lives in Europe. They are both involved in the adult movies but they are also swingers. I had done her before but in a private setting and the original plan was to have a threesome with her for the site but they just happen to get into an argument that day and he asked me to do her by myself, so I have to admit it was somewhat awkward. However once she came over and had couple of drinks and a smoke she was relaxed and my friend also called in a better mood so it was fine before I started the video.

Sarah loves cum and she likes it inside of her as much as on her. So I wanted to give her as much cum as I could to keep this beautiful girl happy . Last time I did Sarah I came really deep inside her .

I got Sarah inside the apartment and there she got down on her knees to suck cock. At that point my friend (her boyfriend) called me up and asked me to leave the phone nearby so he could hear her get fucked. So I left the cell phone on and I started to fuck Sarah. Her pussy felt so good and I enjoyed grabbing to her shapely body. I pounded her hard so my friend could listen well and after fucking her for while I dropped a load inside her juicy pussy. I then kept on fucking her until I came again. And after we were done fucking, she was ready to go home to my friend to have make up sex with my friend. The thought that she had just gotten fucked turned him on and she was feeling slutty after what we had done so I am sure they had a pretty good session.


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