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Name: Sunny
Age: 26
From: Las Vegas, NV

The Story: At first I thought I was going to put this video on the hot wives site but then I figure since she did not actually fit that category I would put her here. Sunny is a girl from Las Vegas who came to visit me couple of months ago with her girlfriend/wife. And this is an interesting story because she is in a polyamorous relationship with a "wife" and a "husband" who didn't come with them. They are not swingers in the strict sense of the word, that is why it was hard for me to categorize her as a hot wife. Anyway, I met Sunny at the adult convention in January and I was hoping to hook up with her there but nothing came thru. But then one day after I got back from one of the trips that I can't even remember where by now, she called me up and wanted to swing by with her girl. So I got ready and invited them over.

Sunny enjoys being on video and seeing herself getting fucked, but her girlfriend was more into watching. So basically she ended up watching me fuck her girlfriend. One thing I should note is that her girlfriend is actually a lesbian (she doesn't sleep with the husband in the trio relationship they have) so it was in a way odd. Actually, their whole polyamorous thing would give anyone a headache. But I had my eyes on the prize and that was to fuck that pink pussy and load her up with cum so her lesbian girlfriend could suck it later on :)

I fucked Sunny in the living room and then in my room. Her girlfriend kept on looking at her the way a husband would look at his wife getting fucked, and I just kept on fucking and fucking that wet pussy until I blew all my cum inside her. Whether or not her girlfriend then sucked the juice out of her later on I don't know, but I would like to believe that she did.


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