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Name: Tobi Pacific
Age: 20
From: Canada

The Story:  I have had an eye on Tobi for over a year when I first saw her on another website. She is usually blonde when you see her on the net (but she is a natural redhead), and I can't even count how many times I've must have jerked off looking at her. So I went on a mission to track her down and see where was she really from. From what I had seen, everything indicated that she was from Florida, but she is actually all Canadian. I then got her contact information and wrote her as a fan first and then introduced myself as a webmaster/"actor"/producer. So we started communicating and few weeks ago, I finally got to meet her and fuck her.

It's funny in a way how it feels to fuck someone that one has j/o to for such long time. On the pictures and videos, girls are in a way one dimensional, as one knows very little of that person (especially from 99% of sites out there who tell a BS story all the time). So when one meets them, you get to know their personality, likes, dislikes, history, etc. And when the fucking comes, all that factors in and is no longer like that fantasy one has, all of a sudden it feels like any other girl.. anyway, I think this paragraph belongs in my future memoirs book and not on Tobi's story.

So anyway, I took Tobi to the beach, since she is from a place in Canada with no beaches. I showed her Venice Beach, and she had this really HOT cut jean shorts and no panties underneath. And when she bent over, one could clearly see her pussy. So walking on the sidewalk, almost every single straight guy was starting at her ass and Tobi enjoyed showing herself off. After the beach, I brought her back to my place for the big moment, and I ended fucking and cumming in her and on her. Doing Tobi, felt like a big achievement, considering all the work I had to go thru to get her.


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