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Name: Valentina
Age: 21
From: Hungary

The Story: Valentina is one of the nicest girls I met in Europe. I met her like all the other girls in Hungary thru my model friend and we ended up hanging out. We definitely had a lot of issues with the language as she spoke just a little bit more English that I do Hungarian but when you want to be friendly to someone, language in a way can come second. She was very curious about where I was from and how life is in America, particularly California. To her what I told her seemed like paradise since winter can be harsh in Central Europe at that time of year.
We met at my hotel’s restaurant and we “talked” as much as we could and with help of dictionaries for quite a while. And once she started to get close to me and smiling a bit too much, I took her upstairs. Once in the room, I took off her coat and started to make out with her and fondle her nice tits and I almost started to fuck her right then and there but she wanted to take a shower, look pretty and all of that. So by the time she was done getting ready, I had my cameras out and I took pictures of her. She is a playful girl and she loves the camera.
And while taking pictures, she just started to suck my cock so I put down the still camera and started to fuck this beautiful girl. She was nice and petite, just the way I prefer my girls and I enjoyed shoving my cock deep in her while holding her tight by the waist. Also, she had  this beautiful jet black hair that made her even more sexy. I fucked her on camera for not too long actually as I noticed she was a bit too concerned about how she was coming out so after doing her enough on video I came for her. Then the real fucking began with the lights off. I know I will be seeing her again next time I’m out there. I am grateful that we live in this day and age of crossing the Atlantic in half a day but I sure wish it was a bit closer so I could be with hot girls like Valentina more often.


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