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Name: Veronique Age: 23

Location: France

The Story: Veronique is the first French girl I have on the site (I think) and is one of the few French women I have ever been with. She is from one of my favorite regions of France (Cote de Azur) and we somehow managed to communicate with my very limited version of bastardized French. I met her at the convention I went to in Berlin but we ended up meeting having sex in France on my 3 day mini vacation there.

Veronique is actually shy and not really vocal but she loves to fuck. After going out the night before (and not doing anything), we finally got around to shooting this video the day after. She was very nervous about the whole website thing but I told her chances were extremely limited someone from France would be checking a website in English so she got to relax a bit. I really wanted her to be on the site as she is very sexy and has an amazing round ass. 

I first started taking lots of pictures of her. I took lots of extreme close up pictures of her pussy to make the pics more interesting and satisfy those who appreciate close up pics of beautiful pussies. But before I was done with the pics, I started to get turned on as I could see her pussy starting to get wet from all that spreading. And we basically started to fuck right there.

Veronique is on the more "sensual" side, meaning she enjoyed it more slow to feel it better. I too can get into it sometimes but in all honesty I rather just fuck a girl hard. But I was cool with her so we could meet again and after doing her for a good while I came in her and then on her. I hope I will be meeting more French girls next time I go there.

Vive Le France!



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