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Name: Victoria Swinger
Age: 23
From: Budapest

The Story:

Victoria is a well known porn star in Europe that I knew about for months. I never got a hold of her directly because I didnít know she had a site nor her contact information but my friend who hooked me up in Budapest knew her personally so she introduced me to her. I told her I wanted to feature her on my site getting a creampie inside of her and she first told me she was too afraid to do that. But after I did a few of her friends, she came around and she told me she would give it a try. 

So she came over to my hotel few days after I first met her and we did this shoot. She came over dressed in winter clothing but then I changed her to look more summer like to pose for my pictures. I took a few stills of her and in almost no time we were down to business. She sucked my cock softly as she is a sensual woman, taking her time to taste my cock with her tongue and then licking my balls. And as she was doing that I reached down to feel her pussy and she was very wet and ready for entry. So after doing that for few minutes, I got her on the couch and started to fuck her naturally lubed pussy. 

I fucked her for couple of hours and she got couple of cumshots out of me. I told her she should come visit me in California as she has never been and she she manages to come I will be fucking her slippery pussy again and come in her and on her..


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