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By entering and/or joining any Pacific Century Int  affiliated website you expressly agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the statements listed below.

1. I am an adult over the age of 18 years, or 21 years or any other age considered legally "mature" as defined by my local geographical jurisdiction to view the sexually graphical content (described above) that can be found on Pacific Century Int  affiliated websites.

2. I am allowed access to the Pacific Century Int  affiliated site I am surfing following the laws in my Country and/or State and Pacific Century Int . is legally authorized to offer this type of content in my Country and/or State.

3. I am aware of the adult related nature of the content on this US and EU based servers that I am about to access and I affirm that I am NOT OFFENDED by such graphical depictions of sexuality and will not take any legal action against the company producing or publishing this material.

4. I am accessing this server for personal reasons and not implicating any public or private organization. I respect the intellectual copyright of the operator and owners of the material displayed and I will not steal or mis-use any material / technology displayed or available on any Pacific Century Int  operated site. I acknowledge that I can copy and download material but only that which is expressly agreed that I can and that has been allowed and fully clarified under the section 9 of the Pacific Century Int  Billing Policy.

5. I bear the responsibility if a minor accesses the server due to my negligence; lack of protection on my personal computer; lack of censoring software, or my password being lost or shared. I exonerate Pacific Century Int  in all such circumstances.

6. I also bear the responsibility of one or several of my present declarations not being true. To protect Minors, Pacific Century Int  and its partnership sites have been registered as having "adult" nature content with all leading filtering tools and organizations to prevent minors from accessing such adult Internet sites.

7. I have read and agree to be expressly bound by the Terms and Conditions of membership / subscription as well as to the billing policies and any other terms of membership, subscription or entry to any Pacific Century Int  operated website.

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Statement concerning Child Protection

The owners of Pacific Century Int  are committed to the fight against pedophilia on the net and any other sexual exploitation of children on the Internet.

Should you know of a site that is acting illegally, please report here. Please see separate section entitled “Child Protection” for advice on blocking access to your PC by minors.
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