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"Hi Rick, your site rocks!! beautiful girls all the time, you are my hero!!"

Josh - Texas, USA

"Hello, I've been a long time susbcriber and just wanted to write in to thank you for the best site ever! hot girls, good natural sex scene, no bs.. keep up the good work."

Peter - Australia

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Welcome to the new Next Door Amateur. This site is fantasy come true for me, for years I thought about ways to get girls to pose for the camera and do all of them but since I was never trained in photography and didn't know where to get girls I thought my porn fantasy was just that, a fantasy. However, the internet opened a new world of possibilities. In my site you will find lots of pictures and videos of all the girls I have been able to get in front of the camera. I am the "main" guy on the site and the pictures you will see are all taken by me. The girls I get are from ads I have published in several papers and internet sites and from my networking efforts in the swinging and adult entertaintment community. So you will a LOT of girls inside, in fact I have shot over 250 girls so far and the number keep going up every week! Here is a sample of my sex journal that you will find inside. Also, it's worth mentioning that NDA has become the largest POV (Point Of View in porn lingo which refers to a style of shooting a girl without cameramen) site on the net. The site has come a long way since a few years ago when I started the site with 5 photo sets.

Personal Information

My name is Rick and like most of normal straight males out there, I've always fantasized about being with lots of hot girls. In fact, I kept a diary with the number of girls I had sex with, the girls I got BJs from, the girls I made out with, etc. My lifetime goal, which I set when I was in my teens, was to reach 100 girls (not including working girls). So I tried hard at getting to that number by going to bars, clubs, etc. with a fair amount of success.

But then one day I discovered the internet and this has turned out to be the best tool for getting laid EVER invented. I remember the first time I logged on,  I found myself in a sex chat room after 30 minutes on being on the net and was talking with some girl 2000 miles away about sex. Then I started going for girls that were closer to me and next thing you know, I started to get laid a lot with these online hook ups. I thought to myself this net thing was just so much easier and efficient than going out to look for girls. After all, I used to spend a lot of time and money, go thru a lot of bullshit and maybe get laid. So I decided to spend more time on the net to look for girls to fuck. And since I was working my way to my 100 girl goal, I decided to put an ad for models on the local paper and pitch them a modeling assignment on the net so I could maybe meet more girls to fuck. And although I had no clue on how to build a website, I started to take pictures of them with my cheap 35mm camera.

After few months of being online, I started swinging and eventually met some girls who had their own websites who needed guys to perform for them. I thought getting laid would not get easier than this.. just show up, fuck the girl and then leave. What better than that?? and I eventually became good friends with some of the girls and within few months, I started thinking of actually doing a site myself. At that point I had the enough knowledge and connections. So I taught myself how to do a website and the rest is history. Today, I have surpassed my "goal" and I am just having a great time doing this.

Here is some basic information about me:

Name: Rick

Age: 30's

Profession: Financial Advisor, Webmaster/Actor/Fucker

Location: California, Florida, Canada, Europe, and wherever beautiful girls take me

Experience: I had zero experience in taking pictures, video, or building a website when I started in late 2000. But I have learned how to do most things by myself. It goes to show where there is a will, anything can be done.

Current Goals: To have the most beautiful amateur girls on my site!! for this I will travel the world to find them. Earn a 10% annual return on my money and become a billionaire in my later years and then give it to charity (I'm not kidding).


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