Next Door Amateur, Beautiful Girls from All Over the World
Next Door Amateur, Beautiful Girls from All Over the World

Welcome to the new Next Door Amateur. This site is fantasy come true for me, for years I thought about ways to get girls to pose for the camera and then do all of them but since I was never trained in photography and didn't know where to get girls I thought my porn fantasy was just that, a fantasy. More...

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This Week's Premiere

Name: Maci Winslet | Age:19 | From: Indiana

The Story: Maci is a hot girl from Indiana that was out here looking to be a model. She was in a relationship for a while and once she broke up, she wanted to be adventurous and experience life outside of her town. So when she was here, she sent me an email about being on the website after a friend who is a photographer told her about this site. So I ended up connecting with her the same day she sent me a message. Maci had been sightseeing the day we met, but I told her I would pick her up wherever and bring her back to my place to do some test shots. So after she was done looking around Hollywood, we went back... MORE

Alli Rae
Victoria Paradise
Zoey Paige
Danni Desire
Lexi Star
Chloe Skyy
Carmen Caliente
Lexi Davis

Name: Farrah Flower
Age: 22
From: Florida

This was the second time I hooked up with Farrah when she was out here towards the end of summer. She really enjoyed doing her first video and she wanted to get together again for a second round. And I am not sure how but somehow most of her friends back home found the video that we did (without her telling them), so I might even get to meet some of her hot girlfriends in South Florida. Anyway, Farrah was staying at a hotel for a week near the beach and I went to visit her on the weekend. She was kinda bummed out that... MORE

Name: Olivia Wilder
Age: 25
From: Hollywood, California

Couple of weeks ago Olivia asked me to help her move and when I went over, I just happened to have my cameras in the car, so I ended up taking pictures and video of Olivia getting filled up again before starting the move.. which took all day. I wasn't really planning to have sex when I showed up but she was just so tempting that I couldn't help but indulge. She has such hot body it makes me want to cum in her every time I see her and it's too bad I didn't take... MORE

Name: Alli Rae
Age: 19
From: East Coast

Alli Rae is a hot girl from the East Coast who was out here looking to be a model. I met her through a friend of Cosima and she wanted to be on the site after she checked it out. She was initially a bit nervous because of the creampie thing, but we timed it according to her cycle so she could have some peace of mind. She is genuinely horny most of the time and truly loves sex, so she is as hot and fun as they come. I picked her up a few days... MORE


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