Girls I have fucked on video


I think it's  every man's dream to fuck lots of beautiful girls and I am fortunate enough to have been able to do a lot of girls. Every since I was in my teens I always wondered how many girls I would fuck in my lifetime, I thought about the most I could do realistically but I never imaged in my wildest dreams I would do this many girls. Basically, because of the internet and the popularity of my sites, I have an unlimited supply of girls who want to be on the site, and thus an unlimited supply of pussy for me :) So I've managed to fuck like a porn star, without actually being one since I am probably one of the most well known anonymous guys fucking on the net. My dream has cum true with a little bit of luck and hard work, and I can only hope I will be able to do this as long as I can. And who knows, maybe I will be able to fuck over one thousand girls on video before I retire? who knows. Personally, I will be at around 1000 girls in 2007 but only half are on video, the rest being regular girls, swingers, one night stands, etc. And just for the record, these girls are not prostitutes as I am not really a whoremonger either.


Here are the girls I've been able to video for the site. Most of them are amateur girls, some are models, but they are share one thing in common.. me in them!! The following list is a preliminary list, as it doesn't include girls I've done for my other sites. I will however add those over time.

  1. Aidan - A cute girl from Florida

  2. Alektra - Arizona girl who turned into well know porn star

  3. Alexa - Asian/Latina looking girl

  4. Alexia Riley - One of my all time favorite girls

  5. Alexis - Cute tall girl from San Diego. I was her 2nd or 3rd guy ever. alexis.jpg (15607 bytes)

  6. Alexis - I fucked her but is not on this site alexis.jpg (15607 bytes)

  7. Alice - Bit tit girl from Europe

  8. Alicia - Girl from Las Vegas who now lives in Palm Springs

  9. Alisha - European girl in California

  10. Allie Sin- Beautiful girl from Florida

  11. Allison Pierce - Blonde girl from Texas

  12. Aliyah - My first Cambodian girl

  13. Allison - Blond girl I did in the butt alison1.jpg (14262 bytes)

  14. Alura Bond - London girl I did in the ass

  15. Amanda Waves - Nice redhead with a beautiful pussy and shame I did not get to do her more mady.jpg (42631 bytes)

  16. Amber Peach - Southern girl, can't remember where she is from

  17. Amber Rose - Hot wife from Orange Country

  18. Amber Rain - One of the first girls I ever shot. College girl from CSULA

  19. Angela = Bodybuilder girl

  20. Ana Nova - German porn actress

  21. Anastasia - Alison Kilgore's girlfriend from Sacramento

  22. Angel Dark - Super beautiful Angel from Europe

  23. Angelina Bonet - Girl from San Diego who lives in Mexico

  24. Anna Sparks - Pretty redhead from San Francisco who now lives in LA. Ran into her at Velvet
  25. Anna Sparxxx - Readhead from San Francisco that moved to LA, last saw her at Velvet.. fun girl

  26. Ariel Summers - Horny and hot Ariel from Philadelphia

  27. Ashley Jordan - Riverside girl

  28. Ashley - Stripper girl

  29. Aubrey Adams - Petite girl from New Jersey who loves sex

  30. Autum Haze - Married girl from Fresno

  31. Autumn Rose - Girl from the Midwest who worked as a florist

  32. Ava Miller - Curvy brunette from Orange country who squirted a lot

  33. Axis - Punk rocker girl from Philadelphia

  34. Barbara Summers - Curvaceous European babe

  35. Bella Maria - Canadian girl who is half Italian and half Venezuelan

  36. Bree - Tall blond girl from Chicago

  37. Bianca Pureheart - Nice blonde girl from Oklahoma. Became a mom just recently

  38. Brit - Super cute girl from Vacaville

  39. Britney - Britney Jay from Tampa Bay, after this shoot I think she was in Hustler

  40. Brittany Fox - Pretty girl from OC

  41. Brittany - Las Vegas girl

  42. Brittaney Bailey - Big tit girl from Tampa bay

  43. Brody - Persian girl

  44. Camilla - Sexy blond eurobabe

  45. Caterina - Brunette girl from Europe

  46. Casey - Or aka Alison Kilgore from Sacramento

  47. Cassie Young - Giggly pretty blonde from Las Vegas

  48. Cathia -  Girl from Agentina who I met in Miami

  49. Charlotte - Pale blonde girl from eventually got famous as Charlotte Stokely

  50. Cherry Poppins - Natural redhead from Sacramento who was living in Venice

  51. Cherry Rose - Girl from Orange County

  52. Christie Lee - Canadian girl I met from Andrew who did a lot of porn

  53. Claire - Nice girl from Tampa bay who ended up in Vegas

  54. Claudia Adams - European hottie I did anally

  55. Claudia Rossi - Well known European porn star

  56. Crystal Ray - One of my all time favorite girls

  57. Connie - European girl with striking eyes

  58. Courtney Cumz - Girl from Tampa that moved to LA and eventually became known in porn

  59. Crystal Clear - Girl from Los Angeles that loves to fuck

  60. Csilla - Nice Hungarian girl from Budapest I met in LA

  61. Daniella - Cuban American babe who had some serious curves on her. Met her in Miami

  62. Dasani - Cuban American babe who had some serious curves on her. Met her in Miami

  63. Dahlia - Seattle girl who "D" met a swing club

  64. Delilah Strong - Girl from Tampa bay who eventually became a full time porn star

  65. Dena - Black girl from LA

  66. Destiny - My first Indian girl

  67. Elaine - Tall girl from Florida

  68. Electra - Sexy Hungarian girl

  69. Elen - Nice big tit girl from Europe

  70. Elizabeth Del Mar - The one and only Liz..

  71. Elise - Brunette girl with nice tits who loved to fuck.. got in trouble with the law last I heard.

  72. Emy - French Canadian girl I met in Montreal

  73. Evelyn Lin - Chinese girl from LA, she speaks Mandarin and all

  74. Francesca - Beautiful Italian girl and part time go go dancer

  75. Georgia Southe - One of the most intense girls I've done on video. She came when I came in her.. hot

  76. Gigi - Hustler centerfold blond girl from Missouri

  77. Ginger - Beautiful girl from Riverside and friend of Sugar Kaine

  78. Goldie Cox - Blond girl from LA

  79. Hailey Young - Slim girl from Florida who I really enjoy doing. Last I heard she was on some program on some reality show in Playboy

  80. Hailey - Blonde girl from Las Vegas

  81. Hailey Heart - cute girl from Arizona I met in Miami

  82. Hailey Jade - Beautiful Czech American girl from Riverside

  83. Hailey Jewel - Hot babe from Florida.. I wish I could fuck her again and again!

  84. Hannah - Blonde girl from Fresno who apparently became a provider. She was fun to talk to I remember

  85. Helena - famous porn girl in Europe

  86. Holly Gold - Married girl from the UK

  87. Holly Wellings - Blond girl from London

  88. Huney - Hollywood girl with many tattoos

  89. Holly Landers -

  90. Isabella - Girl I met in San Diego on the net

  91. India Bella - Girl I met from a Swing club

  92. Ice Cream - Blond girl on the right

  93. Jackie Ashe - Petite San Diego brunette

  94. Jade - Chinese American girl who moved to Washington DC

  95. Jamie Elle - Girl that does a lot of porn movies

  96. Jane Park - Korean girl that wanted to do something "wild"

  97. Jassie - Girl I first met in Las Vegas back when she was 18 and that I finally fucked when she was 24

  98. Jayma Reid - College girl from Utah

  99. Jazmine - Hawaiian girl with big tits

  100. Jerzi - Girl from Chicago

  101. Jenni - Another amazing girl to have sex with.. we couldn't talk much but we could really fuck

  102. Jennifer Dark - Beautiful Czech girl living now in Los Angeles s

  103. Jessica Sweet - This girl eventually became Britney Rears for a Hustler Series, I shot this years before she was "discovered"

  104. Jessica Roman - Girl from the Pacific NW with a natural bush

  105. Jewel - 18 yo girl from Florida

  106. Jewel Affaire - Girl from the East Coast who was actually on America's most wanted for taking her sister's kids with her and her sister to California

  107. Jordan - Readhead from AZ

  108. Jordana James - Girl from the midwest

  109. Joey Valentine - Hot ex stripper girl I did with Andrew

  110. Julie - AKA Julie Silver, a very well know European porn star

  111. Julissa - Beautiful girl from Florida

  112. Justice - Utah girl I met in Las Vegas

  113. Kacey - of ClubKacey from Orlando, this girl looks better as she gets older

  114. Kate Kaptive - Very petite girl who eventually left for Texas

  115. Karina - Finish girl

  116. Kat - Girl from Las Vegas and Kitty's roomate

  117. Katrina - 18 yo blond girl form Riverside

  118. Katerina - Russian girl I met in Montreal

  119. Katie - Blonde girl from Oklahoma

  120. Kathy Anderson - Hot European blonde from Prague

  121. Kayla - AKA Tina Marie, this was her first shoot  ever

  122. Kelly Wells - Brunnette from las Vegas. I remember trying to do her in the butt but she was so tight it wouldn't go in

  123. Kelsey Michaels - Pretty petite brunette girl from Tennessee

  124. Klenot - Beautiful busty brunette from Europe

  125. Kimber Clarkson - Hot blond girl from Maryland

  126. Kimmi - Pretty brunette girl who did a few videos

  127. Kitty - Big tit blond from No Cal

  129. Krystal - I had awesome sex with this babe from Bruno

  130. Krystal Main - Midwest girl

  131. Kylie Richards- Pretty girl from Pasadena, great sex
  132. Lacey Barnes - Blonde girl from Riverside de

  133. Lacie Heart - Blonde girl from Bakersfield who eventually became a Vivid contract girl

  134. Lainey - Girl from San Diego

  135. Lauren Phoenix - Well known porn star

  136. Laura Monroe - Hot Hungarian girl and friend of Anita Dark who now lives in Florida

  137. Leah Stevenson - I don't even know where she is from.. kinda bizarre but was fun

  138. Leah Wilde - Blond college girl from Massachusetts

  139. Lexi - Florida stripper girl

  140. Lexi - UCLA Architecture Student

  141. Lexi Mathews - Girl moved to Vegas and got knocked up there

  142. Lexi Bardot - Tall tattooed girl

  143. Lila - One of the first girls I shot for the site. 6 foot tall girl from the bay area

  144. Linda - Horny babysitter from Northern California

  145. Linda - Mexican American college student from Texas

  146. Liz Honey - Hungarian girl in Budapest

  147. Lona - Russian BBW girl I met in Hollywood, FL

  148. Loni - Filipina girl from LA

  149. Lorena - Puerto Rican girl I met in Miami

  150. Lorena - Mexican American girl from LA

  151. Loretta - Chicago girl I loved fucking

  152. Lucia - AKA Lucie Lee from Europe

  153. Lucy Anne - Blonde girl from Prague

  154. Lucy Love - Beautiful Czech girl from Prague

  155. Luna - Mexican American girl with big tits and great in bed too

  156. Lynn Pleasant - Innocent looking blond girl from California

  157. Madison - Pretty girl from Florida

  158. Malorie Marx - Girl from Long Beach.. I wonder whatever became of her

  159. Mary Anne - Blonde girl from Sacramento

  160. Maria from Montreal

  161. Mariah - Girl from Oakland who was visiting LA

  162. Meadow - Blond girl from Iowa

  163. Megan Jones - Cuban girl from Miami

  164. Melissa Black - I fucked this girl a LOT

  165. Michelle - Beatiful girl from San Diego

  166. Michelle W- Euro Blond chick

  167. Michealle - Girl Conrad introduced me to

  168. Miki - Japanese exchange student

  169. Miko Sinz - Beautiful Korean-Irish girl from the Pac NW

  170. Misty Parks - Girl I met from San Jose DSC00133.jpg (40183 bytes)

  171. Missy Monroe - Girl I did in Vegas when she was just starting to do videos. Eventually became a porn star

  172. Misty Moore - Girlfriend of Brittany

  173. Molly Gold - Pretty blond girl from the NE who was in LA for school

  174. Molly Mason - One of my favorite girls ever

  175. Monica Milan - AKA Dillan Lauren

  176. Monica Lion - Very tall European girl, probably 6'2

  177. Nadia Blue - Well know porn girl who I did with friends at my place.. she was hot

  178. Naudia Nyce -

  179. Nancy Sweet - Hot European girl I creampied in Prague

  180. Natalie Rose - European blond girl

  181. Neah - I don't remember where she is from

  182. Nelly - AKA Millie Jay 

  183. Nicole - Woman that I auditioned after placing an ad on a Bay area paper

  184. Nicole Brazzle - On if the few girls I actually did not fuck

  185. Nikki - Blond girl from Arizona

  186. Nikita - Girl from Prague

  187. Nikki Saint - Happy and famous porn star from Europe

  188. Nubia - Black girl from Las Vegas

  189. Olivia - Girl from San Diego I did a big creampie with

  190. Pam - Montreal

  191. Patricia Max - European girl

  192. Penny - Tampa girl with a nice ass

  193. Riley Mason - Emo type of girl from North Carolina  

  194. Rachelle - Argentinean girl in Buenos Aires

  195. Rory - Girl I fucked at La Quinta in San Diego

  196. Roxetta - Centerfold readhead who was fun to fuck

  197. Roxie - Girl I found on the net

  198. Roxie West - Another all time best sex girl

  199. Sabrina - Blonde girl from Redondo Beach

  200. Sally Rodeo - Readhead ex lesbian whom I had an awesome time with

  201. Sandy Styles - First time I saw this girl was in a Rocco movie, to my luck I ended up doing her

  202. Sarah Blue - One of my all time favorite girls and one of the most beautiful too

  203. Sarah Twain - Sexy brunette I did in Prague in 2005

  204. Sasha - AKA Stacy Silver Curvy European blond babe and famous adult model there

  205. Savanah - Blond girl from Dallas, Texas

  206. Scarlett - European girl visiting LA

  207. Shari - Aka Dulce who had great sex with shari22.jpg (30743 bytes)

  208. Simona - Another beautiful brunette from Europe

  209. Simone - Black girl from the Caribean I fucked on and off

  210. Simone - Mulatta from Sacramento

  211. Simony - Tall and well known Hungarian girl in Budapest

  212. Skyla - First Native American girl I did

  213. Stacy - My first Arab girl

  214. Sissy - Girl from Las Vegas

  215. Sofia - Argentinean girl living in LA and a great fuck too

  216. Soma - Hot Mexican American girl I had really good sex with

  217. Sunny Lane - Southern girl my friend Andrew introduced me to

  218. Sunny Day - Slutty girl from Las Vegas

  219. Suzie Diamond - Beautiful girl from Slovakia

  220. Suzzie - Hot slutty girl from Seattle

  221. Tanya - Girl from Canada who had the most beautiful tits

  222. Taryn Thomas - Girl from AZ who I fucked couple of years ago and is not a big porn star. This was actually her first time on video

  223. Taylor - Hot Blond girl from Orange county

  224. Taylor Fox - Sexy brunette from the midwest

  225. Taylor Rain - Well know porn start I did a content trade with

  226. Teri Jackson - Hot black girl who by now is probably a lawyer in the East Coast

  227. Tiki - Hawaiian chick that gave me head but that I ended up fucking too

  228. Tobi Pacific - Readhead girl I used to jerk off too all the time when seeing her on the net. And I finally had my day with her

  229. Tracy Olsen - Clerk at Wal Mart from LB

  230. Trisha Marx - Shy and horny girl from Tennessee

  231. Valentina - Pretty blue eyed brunette from Budapest

  232. Vanessa - Argentinean MILF on fire

  233. Vanessa May - Sexy brunette from Europe

  234. Venus - Beautiful ex penthouse pet, this woman is so beautiful

  235. Veronique - Polish girl from Warsaw

  236. Veronica de Souza - Beautiful European girl with beautiful body too

  237. Victoria - Beautiful blond girl in Europe and my first on video

  238. Victoria Swinger - Well known adult model in Europe

  239. Violet - Girl from Simi Valley, California

  240. Violet Blue - Utah girl who likes creampies

  241. Violet - Latina girl I had great sex with

  242. Vivenne - French girl who did everything

  243. Yvonne - Hot 18 yo Euro girl I wished I could have fucked more!!

  244. Xuxa - Brazilian girl from Sao Paolo